Thank you to all of those who have reached out to our family with concern and support. It has truly been a blessing. Everyone is back to good health and stronger than ever!

There has been rumors of another "organizer" bringing a BBQ contest to the city of Cumming and actually calling the festival Que'n in Cumming. PLEASE NOTE, this is NOT the Bowman family or anyone who has been a part of our event in the past. If any claims to the contrary are being made, they are 100% false. 

We began the behind the scenes work on bringing The National BBQ Cup back but have yet to determine the location. Please stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

It is with a heavy heart we write this post. The 2018 National BBQ Cup is cancelled. The Bowman family along with the help of a core group of faithful friends have worked tirelessly on this competition over the past 8 years. Due to some local changes, family health issues and a number of other factors, this year's contest just wasn’t in the cards.

We thank all those who have supported the event over the years. We hope to bring another contest to the city of Cumming in the future.

Please stay tuned as we will continue to bring more BBQ events to the great state of Georgia!

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The National BBQ Cup's

Que'n In Cumming